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Vanessa Benlolo

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Vanessa is ca professional certified Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator supporting women in embracing their role as a Soul Parent. She is a professionally certified Generational Healer™ & Spiritual Guide under the guidance of her mentor, Deborah Skye King.

Vanessa guides women who desire to experience flow, freedom, joy and fulfillment by showing the connection each woman has with her inner guidance system, embodying her feminine essence, and manifesting positive change in her world.

Vanessa is very receptive to energy, and she seeks to understand the truth behind her experiences. Her dedication to her healing and transformation brought her to many counsellors, psychologists, intuitive healers, purpose coaches, mediums, astrologers, workshops, training, and retreats. And the more she healed, the more parts of her true, authentic self-began re-emerging and integrating into wholeness.

Vanessa’s intention is to support the evolution of human consciousness, and that means supporting you in remembering who you truly are – releasing past conditioning and generational trauma, to allow your real essence to emerge and share its magnificence. She knows the mother earth desires you to be as you truly are – limitless, loving, and free.

Vanessa supports your healing though Soul Speak Sessions ~ an intuitive, soul-based, holistic coaching program, Generational Healing™~ healing your family lineage from generational trauma, and sacred women’s circles.

In 2012, Vanessa became professionally certified as a life and executive coach through the Coaches Federation of Canada. In 2014, she further trained in mindfulness through Harvard Medical School’s Continuing Education Program and in 2015, in the Purpose Masters Program out of Berkeley, California.

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