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Deborah Skye is an evolutionary educator who’s mission is to serve humanity’s expansion, awareness and spiritual growth on this planet. She is a very grounded and deeply connected into the heart of Gaia and is a protector of planet Earth. She works with women, children and men to help them become more aware of their limiting beliefs and patterns, as well as their emotional trauma, and how that is stored and expressed through physical manifestations in our bodies and our lives. She also serves and communicates with the spirits of new children who are making their way to Earth to also serve and support the rise of vibration on the planet. She does this in many ways, by listening and being fully receptive to what is desired to be shared. She also uses techniques and tools she’s learned that allow her to travel to different times, and places. She can read timelines, and be in more than one place at once with her awareness and conscious presence. She is able to read, see, feel, and hear energy and vibration. She is fully connected to and in deep practice to her spiritual abilities.

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10 Week Begins March 2019
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