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Deborah Skye is an embodied and grounded spiritual mentor and healer. She is so talented, truthful, acts from high integrity and I love her. She works in multiple dimensions and is able to be present in many realities and still be fully functioning and present to her immediate environment. She can scan your body and know exactly the health of each organ and how to return the energy into balance. She knows your soul purpose, family history, ancestral and soul lineage and is able to bring to your awareness that which is unconscious. She can telepathically communicate with children and express to their parents what they are unable to communicate themselves.

All her offerings, programs, courses, such as Soul Parent Spiritual Child, Generational Healing, Soul Therapy School, are in service to the evolution of Gaia and humanity. She sits with and receives from her Spiritual Council exactly what it is that she is to offer. She always knows how best to support you and her way of teaching and leading creates great shifts in consciousness in simple and easy ways. I’ve never met anyone else like her and when I am with her, I feel seen and understood at the soul level.

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10 Week Begins March 2019
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