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I have become more away of where my fears of failing as a daughter, as a girl/woman and as a mother has come from.

Returning to my mothers womb gave me a reflection of how I’m living my life and all the unconscious conditioning I am reflecting onto my children. It also made me realize that my mother, even thought she’s strong on the outside, lived her pregnancy with a lot of doubt and fear. But truly and deeply loved me, and continues to love me unconditionally and DOES hear me.

These past two days have also shown me that I am capable of loving without fear and that it’s not something that I should live with.

My children need me to be their protector and their warrior and all iI have to do is listen to myself, to my inner child, my intuitive mind and body and accept myself and the present moment. Meet me and my husband where we are at. So we can work together and be understood and respected for our individual selves.

This experience has also shown me that I really need to be in tune with myself and trust myself also that my children can be free to live their own lives. Thank you for this.

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