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Deborah Skye is a woman who tells you exactly how it is.
Everything. She connects to your soul and knows your soul’s purpose, what you came to Earth to do, why your life is the way it is, who your soul star family is, she knows when you are not being 100% honest and what’s stopping you from loving your soul’s evolution. You have a question, she will answer it straight on, in a way that you will understand. One word is enough many times.

There is absolutely no bullshitting with her. She is so loving and compassionate and will lovingly kick your ass and call you out when you are not being honest and taking responsibility for your life and growth.

Deborah Skye’s range of awareness and expertise stretches all over the planet and into other worlds, universes and beyond and knows exactly, exactly, what is going on with you, your past and your future and what steps to take next right now in the moment. She will tell you only what you are prepared and open to receiving what is uniquely for you.

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10 Week Begins March 2019
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