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I feel more at peace knowing I have met and been introduced to soul sisters here on Earth. I feel more at peace with my thoughts and options regarding how I choose to live my life and raise my amazing daughter (and future children?!)

It concerns me that there are still grown woman who live by old and outdated standard of life/love rules and guidelines, when they know in their hearts there is a kinder and more meaningful way to live and teach. We are all teachers and guides; some of us just haven’t gone to class yet.

The workshop allowed us to be at peace with my world views and desires of grandeur when it comes to how the world can be run. On a smaller scale, the workshop allowed me to be more clear in my choices and gave me the support in knowing I am not alone in my visions. With the proper guidance I can achieve my goals and to make the time on this planet a more loving place.

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10 Week Begins March 2019
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