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Deborah Skye King is one of the most Spiritual teachers that I have ever worked with, yet she is also very grounded. She is committed to working with humanity and the planet by creating a focus on the education and empowerment of women. By working with women all over the planet she has discovered the need to develop many programs that will lead women into a journey of self-discovery that in turn redirects the trajectory of their lives in all positive aspects. As women are the creators on this planet, she has developed a evolutionary educational format to teach women how to connect with their children, prior to conception, pregnancy and afterbirth in order to build a relationship that will be grounded in love, trust and communication. This new paradigm is a win-win for the entire planet, as it will rebuild a world centered in love. The Soul Parent raising a Spiritual Child program is her newest creation to fulfill her life long love of working with the incoming children. How does she do it, you ask. She has so many spiritual gifts that allow her to connect with children prior to them being born, even before a mother has conceived. She has been in dialogue with these children as they have voiced to her how the old paradigm of raising children is in great need of repair and how they would like their entry into this world to be paved. Besides the Spiritual gifts that she is blessed with, she is incredibly intelligent and with highly developed intuitive insights and can energetically connect so quickly to your inner most self which can bring you into a sense of awareness that so often leads to an instant healing. Working with her will forever change you life.

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