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These last two days have brought sense of peace. I feel a weight has been lifted. Deborah you have used phrases I have thought of and confirmed what I felt in regards to my daughter, her being a spiritual child. I feel more at ease in being a mother, as if I am on the...


I came into this weekend thinking that I was already healing old wounds. Now I don’t think I have ever scratched the surface. I have healed from more present day things, but so much has come to the surface from deep down inside. The one thing that really resonated...


The past two days was very informative and helped to facilitate a dialogue with topics that I was unaware that have or may have an influence on us. It ensured that my partner and I were on the same page. It was also nice to listen to others sharing their stories and...


This seminar has helped me be aware of what I need to heal, allowing me to understand I have more healing I need to do before I have children. I want to be the one to break the family cycle of hurt and damage. It helped me understand the healing I need to do for my...
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