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Julie Jancito

Deborah Skye is a spiritual guide, who is in service to Gaia. She lives her life consciously and from a place of love. She works with women all over the world, to guide them to their soul purpose. She is able to see a person fully, their challenges, health, emotional...
Carmen Zumwalt

Carmen Zumwalt

Deborah Skye King is one of the most Spiritual teachers that I have ever worked with, yet she is also very grounded. She is committed to working with humanity and the planet by creating a focus on the education and empowerment of women. By working with women all over...

Milla Andersson

Deborah Skye is a woman who tells you exactly how it is. Everything. She connects to your soul and knows your soul’s purpose, what you came to Earth to do, why your life is the way it is, who your soul star family is, she knows when you are not being 100% honest...
Vanessa Faria

Vanessa Faria

Deborah Skye is an evolutionary educator who’s mission is to serve humanity’s expansion, awareness and spiritual growth on this planet. She is a very grounded and deeply connected into the heart of Gaia and is a protector of planet Earth. She works with...
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