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Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar | Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey



The Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ event hosted by Deborah Skye King will include a full day of powerful conversation for women at any age or stage in their life. The day begins with a welcome reception and morning presentation by Deborah Skye, followed by a full day of interactive learning and guided support by our exceptional speakers!  A variety of topics will allow you to understand the role, importance and value women have on our planet and how to embrace the heart of the feminine.

Preconception, pregnancy, Motherhood and becoming a Grandparent are all key topics that will be discussed and covered. Our

amazing panel of evolutionary educators:  Carmen Zumwalt, Sarah Graham and Vanessa Benlolo will delight you with their stories and perspective of how living from a state of fear, uncertainty and lacking personal strength and courage for oneself can lead to years or decades of isolation, feeling disempowered and alone.

You will hear stories through the day on love, purpose, grief, love, shame and triumphant strength. You will experience a connection with other women in the workshop recognizing, us women, we all share the same heartbeat within our wombs. Join us in a deep level recognizing the women in the room as your own story, a woman’s journey of self-love.

“A whole new generation of spiritual children have been incarnating for decades, you must have noticed by now, your child does not speak the same honest and open way to feeling their emotions and needing to express how they feel, what they believe, what they want to experience in the world, is not being met. They are coming with new skills and a higher vibrational energy field in a world dominated by the authoritative figure; this shows up in a myriad of ways.

From pre-conception to adulthood there is a profound relationship between Mother and child, which has not been honoured in today’s society, nor is there an acknowledgement of the power that lays with healing the womb lineage before conception. Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ creates a bridge that is loving, healing and nurturing to the core needs of your child AND to embrace the heart of your feminine body.”

*An incredible farm-to-table selected vegetarian menu with all-natural sustainable ingredients by Executive Chef Eric Duchene from Toulon, France, is included in your ticket purchase.


“Deborah, this was so powerful and affirming. I feel so much more empowered to step full into my life and embed and live out the experience I desire and know I’m meant to fulfill. As a mother (someday), as a partner, as a daughter, and as a woman on this earth. Thank you for this offering. It is so needed to heal the world, and to raise the next generation.” – Amber

“I feel more at peace knowing I have met and been introduced to soul sisters here on Earth. I feel more at peace with my thoughts and options regarding how I choose to live my life and raise my amazing daughter (and future children?!)  The workshop allowed us to be at peace with my world views and desires of grandeur when it comes to how the world can be run. On a smaller scale, the workshop allowed me to be more clear in my choices and gave me the support in knowing I am not alone in my visions. With the proper guidance, I can achieve my goals and to make the time on this planet a more loving place.” Elisha

“I feel like these two days brought everything full circle for me to experience the self-hate, shame and guilt I carry. I have known I carry this for a while now but letting it go has been difficult. I realized I was a very energetic, free-spirited, creative and open child. I was continually put down for this and told how I should be.

I was taught to hate my free spirit. This experience during the workshop allows me the space to begin loving that part of myself and using it in a more healthy, respectable, loving place with boundaries.

That was a very moving and powerful meditation.  I have also never felt such deep gratitude toward my mother, or love for her in that way. Seeing her as the human who grew me really changes how I see and feel for her. This awareness allows me to love her more. 
Thank you!” – Rachel

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