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Before my daughter Luminous was born, I had a relationship with her for many years. When I conceiving her high up in the mountains on the west coast of British Columbia,  I was guided and directed by her to heal, explore, remember and explore the mysteries of Earth, myself, my soul lineage and begin to live my purpose. It most definitely was not an easy path, I left every comfort you can imagine to explore a path that had no plan, no defined outcome, but I was compelled magnetically by a force outside of my physical world to follow.  I am very grateful that I did. 

Intuition is a very powerful asset that women are born into, we are wired with this sixth sense that develops when nurtured from a young age and continues to grow, teach and share in the direction of what aligns best to our own internal compass.  Her heart becomes receptive and tender, yet fierce with a strong second chakra, her womb is fertile and her creative prowess begins to take over and lead.

If women lead life from this place we’d live in a very different world. 

It would change the way women conceived, birthed her children. How she loved, nurtured and cared for her own body/mind/spirit.  This model of living would shift the power struggle experienced in mostly every single relationship between the sexes and the struggle witnessed between a masculine or feminine relation to oneself and reality.

The dynamic of how men and women relate to one another would change, this is what the children who are arriving on this planet are asking for, conscious engagement and responsible relationships with both parents. Even when both parents may not be involved in a committed relationship to one another, they are to their children’s well-being and growth.
If your current parent/child, child/parent relationship is out of harmony, you most likely will want to pay attention to what I am going to share with you in these upcoming emails. They have the power to change the course of your life.  I am sure there is a part of you that is seeking to be loved, unconditionally for all of you, not just the mask you put on in society, but all the parts that make up your whole being. I know, it can be scary
The Spiritual Child | Soul Parent™ model is quite the opposite. I’d love to share with you how I became the founder of this precious body of teachings years ago and how the children have guided my and hundreds of women that I’ve used this evolutionary model with around the world to explore and live from a place that is steeped in trust, love, intuition and bold action.From one’s Mama’s heart to yours, I’d like to share with you that you do not have to feel alone on your journey of becoming a new Mother or being a seasoned Mama to many children.

Take this opportunity to join the fascinating training webinars designed for women at any stage of her journey into Motherhood. I have specialized in pre-conception for over fifteen-years supporting women

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