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Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar ~ Preconception with Vanessa Faria

December 10, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ 2-Hour Preconception Seminar at WellHaven Toronto

The spirit of your child is speaking to you, are you listening?

Our children and the children of the future want to be fully expressed, seen and heard.

The old paradigm of how women should conceive a child, experience pregnancy, births her child into this world and becomes a mother is an outdated and unconscious act of fulfilling a 70 + year old societal norm. The current parenting model is full of unconscious behaviours that have been passed down generation to generation fitting an idea of what a family ‘should’ look like, which in most cases is traumatic to the emotional and mental well-being of a child’s need for safety and security in the world.

Children’s core needs are very different from when you or your parents grew up, they have a higher sensory input and sensitivities to their environment and seek a meaningful deep relationship with their Mother especially in preconception and during pregnancy where most healing needs to take place, prior to birthing a new human into our world.

During this 2-hour seminar, Vanessa Faria will share with you how the spirit of your child is speaking to you, in subtle ways to trust yourself and listen to the incredible insights that support you to lead your best life. All seminars are interactive providing you with ample time to engage with Vanessa to ask personal questions.


Women who are desiring to consciously conceive a child in the next years, currently pregnant, recently have given birth or are a seasoned Mother who is seeking support, you are all in the perfect place to grow and nurture yourself and child.

Feel free to share this offering with any women that would be interested in empowering herself as a women and mother.

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Investment: $20


Vanessa Faria is a professionally certified Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, Generational Healer™ and Licensed Soul Therapist. Growing up in a matriarchal home, Vanessa witnessed and felt both the many gifts and challenges that are woven into the intricate soul agreements between Mother and Child.

Her soul’s calling from a young age, has been to heal, educate and restore the sacred relationship between Mothers and their Daughters by empowering women in their own healing. Vanessa has been an inspirational guide and children’s teacher for many years, and has been leading women to their authenticity through the work of Soul Therapy.

In her own journey of preconception, she is divinely connected and receives direct guidance from the spirit of her future child in creating her best life. Vanessa now supports women and their families in becoming Soul Parents in this new evolutionary approach to parenting. She is passionate about educating women how to create home environments where children feel safe, spiritually supported, and deeply loved.


If you have any questions regarding this offering or Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education, please email me directly at or call (416) 830-6242.


December 10, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST
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