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I am the mother of 5 adult children and have 5 grandchildren that I can proudly say I shower with love. Children have been my focus for most of my life, even when I was a child myself, I saw myself with my own children, if that makes sense. I knew as a child of about 8 years old that I would bring children into this world myself and knew how much I would love them and protect them. My career as a registered nurse (before I had children) guided me to see and understand how a parent can make or break a child, how labeling them can put them in boxes that are later hard for them to get out of and how loving and hearing them can provide a strong foundation for a happier life. It also provided a basis for me to better understand how important it is to be your child’s advocate and voice in the medical field, the school system and any other organization that wants to control your child today by categorizing children into conformity.

My Spiritual journey was my trajectory for this new evolutionary model of raising a Spiritual Child. I am a Licensed Soul Therapist and a Reiki Master, both of which have connected me to a higher source of energy. This energy has guided me to seek a pathway to connect the Soul Parent to the Spiritual Child.

What this means in essence is that I want to guide parents to better connect with their child, in order to create a strong sense of love, trust, and open communication in a new and evolutionary way, which will in turn be better for all existence, particularly humanity. It also means that parents have a responsibility to their child to have a strong relationship and partnership based on trust, communication and love. It’s a responsibility to know that you are prepared to raise a Spiritual Child in the way that they want and need to be raised. This is what the children are asking for.

I want to share what I have learned about raising a Spiritual Child because I believe that it is time to honor the new incoming children, those children that are already here and those that are now adults and that perhaps have gotten a little lost along the way. This evolutionary model will help and guide new parents, grandparents and those that will some day be parents, in a way to better nurture, connect and love their child.

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