Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar  Ritz-Carlton Hotel, June 17 2018

June 17, 2018 | 9 AM – 4:30pm | Marina del Rey, California

Evolutionary Educator Speakers

Deborah Skye King

Carmen Zamwalt

Sarah Graham

Vanessa Benlolo

Marina del Rey, California

June 17, 9AM – 4:30PM, 2018

The Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ workshop & seminar hosted by Deborah Skye King will include a full day of interaction, connection and intelligent conversation for women at any age or stage in their life. Preconception, pregnancy, Motherhood and becoming a Grandparent are all key topics that will be discussed and covered.   Our amazing evolutionary educators include Carmen Zumwalt, Sarah Graham and Vanessa Benlolo. You will hear stories through the day on love, purpose, grief, love, shame and triumphant strength. You will feel connected on a deep level recognizing the women in the room as your own story, reflecting o the journey of the women throughout time and what is now being asked from each of us.

The workshop begins with a welcome reception and morning presentation by Deborah Skye, followed by stories and guided meditations to bring you to a state of awareness that YOU hold power as a woman. A variety of topics will allow you to understand the role, importance and value women have on our planet.  Also, an incredible farm-to-table selected vegetarian menu with all-natural sustainable ingredients by Executive Chef Eric Duchene from Toulon, France, with herbal teas will be offered!

Deborah Skye will be presenting a new evolutionary education from the perspective of the unborn spirits of children who are incarnating on this planet at this time, what they are asking for women all across the globe to become. Your world will never be the same after this day; you will feel, hear and perceive who you are, what your role is on this planet in a whole new way. An incredible Womb -Mother-Gaia Healing will be gifted after lunch by Deborah Skye, Founder of Soul Therapy School®. *You will be provided with a step-by-step plan how you can support the upliftment of the world by embodying the heart and body of the feminine. 

Workshop & Seminar  Location

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Marina del Rey

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey has ample room for all attendees and is conveniently located less than 20 minutes from LAX International Airport in Los Angeles.

Making Reservations at the Ritz-Carlton

IMPORTANT: There are plenty of hotels nearby in Marina del Rey, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. If you decide to stay at the Ritz-Carlton, please let us know after booking your room.

Women’s Soul Parent Luncheon

by Executive Chef Eric Duchene from Toulon, France

Farm-to-table selected vegetarian menu with all-natural sustainable ingredients for your palette.
Organic herbal teas will be offered throughout the day locally sourced water.

Evolutionary Educator Speaker Details

Deborah Skye King

Carmen Zamwalt

Sarah Graham

Vanessa Benlolo

Opening Ceremony: Womb & Earth connection, releasing shame within the female lineage throughout the matriarchal generations.

Deborah Skye:  The early beginnings of Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ and how this philosopy and new soul parenting model came to be. 

Carmen Zumwalt:  Mother of five children, how I nurtured each one of my children.

Farm-To-Table Lunch outside on the terrance. 

Vanessa Benlolo:  The shame we hold in secret that limits our feeling safe.

Sarah Christine Graham:  Healing the emotions of living in a dysfunctional family.

Tea Break 

Carmen Zumwalt:  Grandparenting ~ Second chance at parenting with the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ modelas your guide.

Deborah Skye: The vision from the children and how they desire women around the world to show up for one another. 

Closing Ceremony 

Event Testimonials


I love knowing I can have an intuitive connection with my child. And that needs to be honoured. It feels so overwhelming with everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Knowing that I just need to listen and step into my role as protector. These teachings have made it feel possible to have a deeper and healthier relationship with my parents. Deborah, this was so powerful and affirming. I feel so much more empowered to step full into my life and embed and live out the experience I desire and know I’m meant to fulfill. As a mother (someday), as a partner, as a daughter, and as a woman on this earth. Thank you for this offering. It is so needed to heal the world, and to raise the next generation.


Being on a healing journey since 2017 and continuing through this occurs has made m realize that I’m not alone. There is a collective movement to heal the path and ourselves. Feeling these collective energies the last 2 days has made me feel tight inside, hard to breathe, heartburn symptoms that makes me realize lots of cellular level deeper healing has to take place. My mind is a great strategist and it pulls the wool over my self (parts that are not integrated yet) so I don’t catch the illusions quick enough but I did during this seminar. Women, as a collective generate tremendous soulful, healing energies whether we realize it or not and that’s my biggest take away from this seminar. For the first time I’ve been an observer in a course instead of a participant. Thank you for this amazing experience!


Knowing I can have a connection with my children soul gives me so much peace. Healing the womb felt amazing as I have miscarried and I am preparing for another baby. Vanessa's story - it made me think of my daughter and how that could be her up there saying, I never had enough time for her, I didn’t praise her enough, I wasn’t present enough. This reminded me of my family values I want to implement and follow through with. A big realization is that if I don’t deal with my shit they will be passed onto my kids, I need to change. I am thankful for meeting like minded women. Thank you!


I have become more away of where my fears of failing as a daughter, as a girl/woman and as a mother has come from. Returning to my mothers womb gave me a reflection of how I’m living my life and all the unconscious conditioning I am reflecting onto my children. It also made me realize that my mother, even thought she’s strong on the outside, lived her pregnancy with a lot of doubt and fear. But truly and deeply loved me, and continues to love me unconditionally and DOES hear me. These past two days have also shown me that I am capable of loving without fear and that it’s not something that I should live with. My children need me to be their protector and their warrior and all iI have to do is listen to myself, to my inner child, my intuitive mind and body and accept myself and the present moment. Meet me and my husband where we are at. So we can work together and be understood and respected for our individual selves. This experience has also shown me that I really need to be in tune with myself and trust myself also that my children can be free to live their own lives. Thank you for this.


These last two days have brought sense of peace. I feel a weight has been lifted. Deborah you have used phrases I have thought of and confirmed what I felt in regards to my daughter, her being a spiritual child. I feel more at ease in being a mother, as if I am on the right path, exactly where I need to be in this present moment, there is a sense of security in my own skin now. I have a deeper sense of self. I feel this seminar has put me on course to becoming the best version of me. I can be so to I can be the best mother for my daughter and in return be a role model and an example for her. I no longer have as much fear, I am learning to approach it with love. Thank you.


I came into this weekend thinking that I was already healing old wounds. Now I don’t think I have ever scratched the surface. I have healed from more present day things, but so much has come to the surface from deep down inside. The one thing that really resonated with me was something that Deborah Skye said, “meet yourself where you are” (others too) I am usually so hard on myself because I am not the perfect mom that I have created in my imagination. I need to stop doing that and honor who I am at this moment so that I can begin to create the best version of myself. There is so much that I feel I have created for my children because of the circumstances and experienced that I've have had throughout my life, things that need a lot of working on. I can see the bigger picture now, and can now begin the journey of getting there.


The past two days was very informative and helped to facilitate a dialogue with topics that I was unaware that have or may have an influence on us. It ensured that my partner and I were on the same page. It was also nice to listen to others sharing their stories and taking away valuable lessons from that.


This seminar has helped me be aware of what I need to heal, allowing me to understand I have more healing I need to do before I have children. I want to be the one to break the family cycle of hurt and damage. It helped me understand the healing I need to do for my inner child and future children. I have known for a while now that I need to heal my family lineage and that I need to do so before I have children, this is something that resonates deeply with me.


I am always inspired by the opportunity to connect on this level. I feel so hungry for this work. To live life in this way. When I walk away from the women and this guidance, I very easily get lost in the everyday mundane, lost in reactionary feelings, lost in resistance. This has been so life affirming and grounding to get to hear other women reach through their fears to speak their truth to risk being seen fully. I am so in love with each person and where they are at. I get to be reminded of where I’m at, what I truly desire. My logic mind rests and my heart and truth are exposed, I feel stronger. Thank you for your work and clarity. For your ability to guide without judgment, to call forth connection. I am so anchored and truly grateful for being here in this moment.


It was really comforting to be in a room full of women choosing to be open and honest with her emotions. There are so many untold stories of pain, speaking our truths together was freeing, healing, eye-opening and heart expansive. I realized how much I judge myself that feeds guilt in my body. This seminar reminded me what I deeply desire to create in my life from my core desires and family relationship dynamics.


I feel like these two days brought everything full circle for me to experience the self hate, shame and guilt I carry. I have known I carry this for awhile now but letting it go has been difficult. I realized I was a very energetic, free spirited, creative and open child. I was continually put down for this and told how I should be.


This seminar has brought about an awareness of various programming I have been holding onto that I was unaware of. There is a deep desire to acknowledge what has happened, how its affected myself and my children and what are the steps to unfold and rectify what needs to be undone in my lifetime, my children’s lives and the lives of their children. As scared and as guilt ridden as I feel, I also feel open and ready to accept and receive this change in “our” lives. I am grateful for the understanding and eye opener that is unfolding in front of me & look forward to breaking the cycle of neglect, shame, discomfort, loneliness, trauma and doubt from a life that doesn’t deserve to carry these burdens.


This is what I will walk away with from this amazing seminar: I will be kind and patient with myself, accept people for who they are and not who I want them to be, be empathic to the needs and wants of others, and try to live in joy instead of unhappiness. I will try my hardest to be true to my authentic self and live my life based on how I want to live it and not how I think I should live it!


It’s very important to me to work and evolve and grow our family dynamic in a positive way. And the questions and teachings during this weekend were completely brought me back to a place of energy and soul and the ability to want to do the work. Thank you for coming into my life at the right time. I cannot thank you enough! I want to be my best self for the future of my children, grand children and the world. So I think this training will be invaluable to me.


I feel more at peace knowing I have met and been introduced to soul sisters here on Earth. I feel more at peace with my thoughts and options regarding how I choose to live my life and raise my amazing daughter (and future children?!) It concerns me that there are still grown woman who live by old and outdated standard of life/love rules and guidelines, when they know in their hearts there is a kinder and more meaningful way to live and teach. We are all teachers and guides; some of us just haven’t gone to class yet. The workshop allowed us to be at peace with my world views and desires of grandeur when it comes to how the world can be run. On a smaller scale, the workshop allowed me to be more clear in my choices and gave me the support in knowing I am not alone in my visions. With the proper guidance I can achieve my goals and to make the time on this planet a more loving place.

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