Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™

“For twenty years I have supported women around the world to connect with the messages, insights, opportunities and steps to take prior, during and after birthing a child into this world to listen and respect the spirit of their child’s needs. I share the wisdom of the children and what they are asking of you as a woman and for the future of our humanity.” – Deborah Skye

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Soul Parent Spiritual Child

Being a parent at any stage is an initiation into an evolutionary stage of personal and soul growth if you allow it to be so. This dyadic relationship begins years, months, decades before conception has ensued, directed by the spirit of your unborn child. With twenty years supporting women’s bodies, minds, and souls as mother’s and mama’s to be, Deborah Skye nurtures the feminine within you to embrace the beauty of becoming a mother prior to conception to being an evolutionary parent throughout your child’s earth journey.

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child

The old paradigm of how women should conceive a child, experience pregnancy, births her child into this world and becomes a mother is an outdated and unconscious act of fulfilling a 70 + year old society norm. It lacks the true meaning of what is ultimately taking place between soul and spirit in the physical between the child and mother. The current model is a limitation of the true potentiality of a women’s personal experience as a creator and bringer of life and is a spiritually vacant disconnection to the truth of the relationship between the spirit of the child and the soul of the mother.

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The moment has come for the world to value women as protectors and creators of all human life on planet Earth.

Deborah Skye would like to invite you on a journey to understand the incredible privilege it is being a parent, conceiving a child and giving birth from an elevated vibration beyond the limitations that society has projected for hundreds of years. Children want to experience being fully expressed in what they know is true to them. There is a lot to learn about being a mother today than just ten years ago, the next wave of children are arriving and new language, behaviors and beliefs come with them. Having spent two decades working with exceptional children and their mothers from different parts of the world and lifestyles, it is my responsibility to pass on the knowledge that I have seen and witnessed first hand.



I was brought to one of Deborah's event without knowing HOW much I needed her. My NLP had invited me and told me Deborah is who she goes to when she is having blockage. So I had to go. After day 2 of her seminar I knew I had to take part in her Soul Parent Spiritual Child program. Within a month I already saw things changing for me. I have always had issues communicating with my mother, and would get serious anxiety whenever we saw each other. Deborah’s program helped changed my perspective…and look at my mom like a friend, another woman, shoot a human being. Once I let that guard down we were able to have real conversations without judgment. It has honestly changed my life and how I am with my kids. I’ve had conversations with them about what in the program and my eldest (10 years old) automatically pointed out that’s when he felt something change in my mood. I was more happy, more open, less irritated. Deborah you have saved my life…thank you again for the gift of clarity and understanding I am forever grateful!!!


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Embrace The Journey of Becoming a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Certified Evolutionary Educator with our 5-day live teacher training and 13-week online client training. If you are desiring to have a child in the next years, currently pregnant, recently have given birth or are a seasoned mother, this is the perfect moment and place to grow, nurture and embrace the awareness being a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™.

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